Company Secretarial Support

 JPC offers a company secretarial support service costing £100.00 plus VAT per annum.

Today a private company does not need to have a secretary unless there is a requirement included in its articles of association. Alternatively, your chosen banker may require your company to have a secretary (e.g for mandating purposes) in which case the appointed secretary has the following duties and responsibilities: 

The duties of a company secretary are not specified by an act, instead they are usually contained in his/her contract of employment. 

As the secretary is an officer of the company he/she may be liable for defaults committed by the company (e.g failure to file, in the time allowed, details of any change in the company's directors' amd secretary details and the company's annual return). The secretary may also have to make out the statement of the company's affairs if an administrative receiver or a provisional liquidator is appointed or if a winding-up order is made.

In addition the company secretary usually undertakes the following duties:

  1. Maintaining the statutory registers. Therefore the register of members, register of directors and secretaries, register of director's interests and the register of charges.
  2. Ensuring that statutory forms are filed promptly.
  3. Providing members with 21 days written notice of an annual general meeting and 14 days notice of a meeting other than an annual general meeting or a meeting to pass a special resolution.
  4. Keeping or arranging for the keeping, of minutes of directors' meetings and general meetings.
  5. Supplying copies of the company's accounts and other documents to those entitled to them.