Self-Employed Vs Limited Liability


The individual registers his own business with HMRC, either as a sole proprietor or in partnership with another individual (spouse etc). N.B this registration must be done within 3 months of commencement.

Generally, all the points outlined in our free Financial Guide are applicable to an individual who decides to take the route of self-employment.  In addition it can generally be stated that self-employment offers various advantages over the other  routes eg. full tax advantages, less paperwork, cheaper accountancy fees.


The advantages and disadvantages of going down the Limited liability route are explained in our Financial Guide which is available free of charge upon application. The merits and pitfalls of both routes can be fully explained to you either in an initial free of charge meeting or by telephone if you would prefer. We will also help you decide which route best suits your needs and help you register as a sole proprietor or set up either an off the shelf or bespoke company for you.