Company Formations Service

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CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION:  As indicated by its name, this is a certificate of the fact that the company was incorporated, where and when it was incorporated and its registered number.  It may be necessary for you to supply copies of the certificate to your bank manager etc. as proof of the company’s identification.

MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCATION:  You will normally receive several copies of this, which is in fact the constitution of the company.  This will set out the objects for which the company is formed, its powers on conducting its day to day business, and will indicate the capitalisation of the company and the original subscribers to the company.  Copies of the Memorandum and Articles are normally given to the company’s bankers, HMRC, the accountants, and may be requested by any other individual who intends to invest in or finance the company, or rent premises to the company.  It is advisable to have spare copies on hand at all times. 

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Appointment of director AP01_appointment_of_director.pdf
 Change of accounting reference date


Post October dormant company accounts AA02_post_october_dormant_company_accounts_dca.pdf
Change of registered office address AD01_change_of_registered_office_address.pdf
Appointment of corporate director AP02_appointment_of_corporate_director.pdf
Appointment of secretary AP03_appointment_of_secretary.pdf
Return of allotment of shares  SH01_return_of_allotment_of_shares.pdf
 Change of name by resolution NM01_notice_of_change_of_name_by_resolution.pdf