20 years working with Contractors


Of the five staff currently working on site in Woking, three have been working with contractors since 1989 and the two more recent staff members also have in excess of ten years experience working with contractors at JPC.

It is therefore fair to say that the service requirements of freelancers, consultants, contractors, self-employeds and the like have been passed on to our clients via tried and trusted systems built up over a long period of time.

In particular, during the past 10 years, contracting as we know it has undergone substantial upheaval brought about by:

  • Year 2000
  • Changes in government legislation :  IR35 , Section 660, "Income Shifting"
  • Money Laundering Act
  • HMRC Online Services implementation
  • The Recession   

 At each step of the way, JPC has been on hand to guide and assist its clients through a morass of new rules and red tape.

During this time we have also built up a strong network of other affinity service providers to contractors. These include banking specialists, mortgage brokers, Independent Financial Advisers for life Insurance, pensions and investments advice, UK and overseas taxation specialists, Formation Agents, Patent Advisers, Registered Auditors and forensic accountants. Whatever, your service requirement we usually "know a man who can".