Free, impartial, Contract Review service

Since 2001 we have been living with the IR35 Legislation. This legislation was intended to ensure that "time and fees" based contractors declared the lion's share of their income for PAYE purposes and incurred higher rate of tax and more importantly, NIC deductions, subject to some minor expense allowances.

Following the recent change of Government and thanks to the relentless lobbying of the former labour government by accountants and other professional bodies, such as the PCG (Professional Contractors Group) there appears to be a concensus of opinion that IR35 will soon be abolished.

However, whilst it remains on the statute books JPC recognises that new businesses still have to pay lip services to the IR35 status test considerations when deciding upon its initial financial structuring / income drawing plan. 

New and existing clients on board with JPC are offered a free, impartial, contract review service which will give valuable advice at the outset and provide the first timer with confidence that he/she is proceeding with its financial arrangements in a legally acceptable fashion.